Backyard House by Joe Adsett Architects

The architecture and the design of this modern Australian home are not only timeless and gracious they are also fresh and composed in a perfect balance of grandeur and bespoke charm. Because the plot is situated in inner-city Brisbane space is confined, and the garden surrounding the house is small. But that is compensated by the brilliant design of Joe Adsett Architects who succeed in creating welcoming, modern and privet dwelling in midst busy urban scenery.

The serene and welcoming interior design corresponds well with the beauty and elegance of the wooden facade. The freshness of the living premises is enhanced by the pure material palette used in composing the spaces: Red Cedar Castellation cladding, polished wide oak flooring, honed silver travertine, slabs of white marble and timber adorn the interior solution. The timeless and comfortable furniture arrangement is spiced up by some bespoke or design pieces – like the David Trubridge pendant lighting, the rosewood timber windows and doors and the magnificent polished oak dining table- which give the space its unique almost art-piece- like a charm.

Attractive design arrangement is presented in the living zone with its 80’s design of the colorful coffee tables, which brings a vintage hint into the decor composition, the printed cushions and the soft textures. Or how about the pure stylistic of the bathrooms and bedrooms throughout the house, or the dynamic space arrangement: double height premises, secret windows and voids – all that calls for further careful exploration of this intriguing modern home.

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