Forest Shelter with Romantic Name CEDRUS Residents

Calling it chalet will be an understatement, weren’t it? This gracious contemporary forest shelter, with the romantic name CEDRUS Residents, is a project of BOOM TOWN architects and is located on the shores of Gate Lake, Canada.

The elegant and luxurious architectural construct compliments the majestic natural surrounding and offers interior synchronized with the breathtaking views and the beauty of the landscape that are in the heart of the project. Surrounded and defined by noble cedar wood forest this “chalet” offers fresh interior (decided in the color tonalities of the surrounding nature) and abundance of glass walls, sliding doors leading to wooden decks and altogether everything that the weather conditions permit for full connection between inside and out.

The beautiful contemporary facade clad mainly in gorgeous dark wood and local stone extends its elegant features into the interior decor where the modern shapes and the chocolate color of the cladding are supplemented by the warm earthy tonality of the color palette. Rich grass green is making the connection between the wooden browns, the stylish beige and the other warm colors laid on a canvas of white and black. The house welcoming interior arrangement is enriched by some beautiful contemporary art pieces, designer’s lighting solutions and the sophisticated presence of warm textures. The ubiquitous cedar cladding extends from the living premises and corridors into the kitchen where its elegant, warm presence composes one minimalistic yet functional and somehow cozy ambiance. Yep, if that is a chalet I would like one, please!   Photographs: Angus McRitchie

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