House Katarina by MultiPlan Architects

Beautiful pastoral siding hosts contemporary home with elegant dynamic interior design. The calm serenity and fresh emanation of the wooden finishing and furniture that transfuse into the clear whiteness of the architectural shell are harmoniously corresponding with the breath thanking natural surroundings of mountains, meadows, and lush vegetation.

The property possesses the mutually complimenting contradictions of modern lifestyle; is quietly nested in untainted natural surroundings of a big city suburbs, not far away from the dynamic city life of Ljubljana , it’s equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly and energy- saving technologies and still has the rustic charm of forest  villa with cozy fireplace. The architectural layout is a bit unusual – the building design conforms to the existing plot with its steep slopes and sun orientation, so the spacious living premises with their vast glass windows and sliding doors are resigning on the second floor taking full advantage of the beautiful views while the more privet areas like bedrooms and so on are on the ground more isolated floor.

The furnishing is minimalistic, functional and contemporary, and the main design features are the wooden finishing’s and elegant furniture. The crispness of the dominating white coloring is supplemented by the warmth of the wood and the elegant presence of some restrained color solutions like mustard yellow paid-up with different shades of gray. The shapes of the furnishing are elegant, unostentatious and modernly functional. This minimalism of design expressions allows the experience of full enjoyment, not only of the surrounding nature but also the unexpected delight of discovering elegant designer’s elements – like some of the lighting solutions, bespoke furniture or intriguing chairs. The designers from multiPlan architects had certainly created one elegant jewel that harmoniously combines the dynamic of modern life with the serenity of nature.

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