House U in Como by Marco Carini

A serene expression of contemporary architecture and design this house located in the pastoral surrounding of Como, Italy is a result of collaboration between architect Marco Carini and designers Besetetti Associati. The natural, easy going float of the premises in the house, the rich material palette based on natural elements: wood, water, fire and stone – combined with the modern, stylish functionality of the design creates one unique aura for the house that embraces the owners and their guests in welcoming and pleasant refuge.

The house designers were aiming for a relaxing, natural atmosphere – the inhabitants can walk barefooted on the stone and wood surfaces, feeling one with nature, while contemplating the beautiful lush surroundings vied through the panoramic windows. The textures of the furnishing and finishes throughout the home correspond with the tactile sensitivity of the whole project- wood, follows stone combined with granite or ceramic, water or light – all smooth, all natural, together with soft textiles and organic color palette compose the serenity emanation of the house. The green roofs and the natural simplicity of the facade allow the architectural construct to blend with its pictures surrounding without disturbing its integrity.  Photo: Fausto Mazza

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