Karma’s Office Transformed by Design Studio FormNation

The design studio FromNation had created Karma’s office in New York combining contemporary approach towards Dutch and American design and securing a harmonious and chill space for modern life working environment. Transforming this high ceiling industrial loft into spacious clear-lined space with an abundance of natural light and ease of movement the designers provided a perfect space for communication and collaboration.

The furniture and fittings are a mixture of Dutch and American influence with a dash of trendy lighting installation and contemporary art insertions. The colors are bright and light – a relaxing and chill-out combination of white, sea blue and mild gray that lead to an elegant and easy going working atmosphere. The conference rooms are particular build to offer a free space for communication – they provide transparency with their glass walls but also a certain modern life comfort secured by their mild color combinations and soft textures and materials.

The communal spaces are featuring gray Moroso sofas and iconic Anglepoise lamps in white – an inviting and serene environment for a coffee break. But certainly, the most expressive and intriguing space is the meeting room – lunch area with its long wooden table and the 40 modern handmade lamps that bring an inspired mixture of Brooklyn industrial design and European flair. Here following Dutch tradition, Karma employees can eat lunch together every day and enjoy the comfort and light of their working space.   Photography by Garrett Rowland

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