Showroom Design Gallery Nido in Sofia

Designed as a space within a space the small vernacular houses of the designer Mirko Tattarini take the visitor on an enchanting contemporary tour through the latest trends of Bulgarian and Italian design exhibited at the NIDO showroom. The unexpected evocation of local village, build from natural wood materials with typical pitched roofs, juxtapose nicely with the original construct of the showroom compound from glass and steel.

The geometrical structure of the houses and the fragmented lines take you on a labyrinth like tour through spaces, bridges and stairs to discover niches and caverns of contemporary furnishing, carpeting and amazing designer’s objects. Using uniquely shaped and cleverly laid craft lamps the lighting solution becomes simultaneously an object and a mean of the exhibition.

Each ambient unfolds for the visitor different inspiration and stimulation base, taking as a referent point various cultural influences like the strong presents of Sots aesthetic or the Ottoman hint in the furnishing and layout of the premise. Throughout the space unusual choices, combined with clear lines, modern materials and inspired from the past shapes, stimulate the observer’s imagination and sense of style.




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