White Stone Studios – Modern Urban Dwelling in Phoenix

Modern, urban dwelling in Phoenix, Arizona that hosts six elegant studio apartments and the clean emanation of the desert translated into concrete structures and wooden details. This project of Benjamin Hall Design combines artistically the spirit of the desert and the dynamics of modern city life, the bespoke furnishing and functional fittings from Ikea, the trends of urbanization the industrial zones of the cities and the clean aesthetics of high quality materials.

Double-sided white concrete masonry units create the exterior shell of this modernistic construct, forming inner patios and atriums, custom made steel gates and elements form the common spaces decorate the yards, beautiful white oak doors invite in the inhabitants of this residential complex.

The interiors of the apartments are designed in a natural, simple palette, combining functionality with elegance. The beige, white and gray palette is vitalized by the alternation of wood, concrete and living greenery. Modern and urban as its architecture the small premises of the suites have their one charming character and easy going ambiance. The white textiles and fabrics with their softest are successfully juxtaposed to the shining surfaces of the polished concrete and ceramic claddings. The designers chairs with their beautiful wooden backs bring warm and style to the furnishing. Although small, decided as one uninterrupted space the apartment’s main living areas still leave a place for dynamic and complete occupation.  Photographs: Matt Winquist

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